Raven Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to invest in an Raven retail store?

The minimum investment required is $100,000 of accessible capital and up to 25% of the value of the store inventory and assets. Additional start-up costs may be financed by Raven to make your initial investment manageable, which will allow you to focus on growing the business and serving our customers.

What other ongoing payments am I required to make?

100% of your initial personal investment goes towards the purchase of store inventory, start-up costs and assets. There are ongoing fees related to the value-added services we bring to make your business a success. Some of these include purchasing, administrative, and sales support. 
We deliver the support that is needed to build your business.

What is the average profitability of a Raven store?

It is our goal to provide the support and opportunities needed to succeed. Ultimately, individual profits depend on general economic and market conditions; but also include your skills, resources, personal efforts, and goals. We do know that with the Raven advantage your profits will only increase.

What if I own property or know of a good location for an Raven store?

We do no not consider this in the Dealer selection process but we are open to having a conversation about location. If it brings value both to our customers and our dealer network, then we are open to discussing potential locations.

What if I own an after-market store today?

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss. We are confident with our support and systems, you can achieve greater results and most importantly create better value in your business.

What qualifications do you look for in an Raven dealer?

We look for people who have business and financial acumen, proven leadership skills, strong interpersonal skills, and a passion for serving people. All Raven dealers are hands-on owners and operators. Due to this, we do not enter into agreements with silent investors.

Can I apply with a partner to co-own and manage a Raven store?

We consider all options and look forward to having this conversation with you. If you have a passion for the business and serving our customers, then we will consider the benefits and options on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer ’exclusive’ territories?

We make business decisions that work for our partners. This means we will review each opportunity carefully and do what is best for all involved, including determining the location and proximity of Raven stores.